How to install Openshift Origin All-In-One-Server with Ansible

1. Install CentOS 2. Install dependencies yum install -y epel-release yum install -y ansible python-cryptography python-crypto pyOpenSSL git docker 3. Install Openshift Ansible git clone 4. Create a new docker volume Follow this tutorial: 5. Create Hosts file Create the following file `vi openshift-hosts` and paste the following […]

How to integrate React Bootstrap in React-starter-kit

Integrating React Bootstrap in the React Starter kit is quite easy. The first step is to install React-Bootstrap: npm install –save react-bootstrap After that, the module can be used in your components. Example: ./src/components/Header/Header.js: import Grid from ‘react-bootstrap/lib/Grid’; import Col from ‘react-bootstrap/lib/Col’; function Header() { return ( <Grid className={s.root}> <Col md={4}> <Navigation […]